Meow Wolf

Top choice in Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico– April 30th, 2017: Meow Wolf art collective in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. Open to the public the main exhibit is the The House of Eternal Return..; Shutterstock ID 632888321; Your name (First / Last): Alexander Howard; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Southwest POIs

Shutterstock / BrianPIrwin

If you've been hankering for a trip to another dimension but have yet to find a portal, the House of Eternal Return by Meow Wolf could be the place for you. The premise here is quite ingenious: visitors get to explore a recreated Victorian house for clues related to the disappearance of a Californian family, following a narrative that leads deeper into fragmented bits of a multiverse (often via secret passages), all of which are unique, interactive art installations.

Created by the Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf in an old bowling alley (donated by Game of Thrones author George RR Martin), the space is large enough that you could spend several hours here – or visits – trying to crack the code to the safe at the top of the stairs, reading every detail of Mom's diary or finding inspiration yourself in the makerspace at the entrance. Weekend nights see live-music shows at the heart of this compelling imaginary world.

Crowds tend to disperse throughout the large facility, but if you'd like a bit more space to yourself visit during the week, and avoid summer and holidays. Pre-buy your ticket so you don't have to wait in the stand-by line.