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Telluride is a unique destination cut off from much of the world by the towering peaks that surround the old mining town on three sides. No other town in Colorado feels this close to a Swiss mountain village.

Walking the downtown strip you have skyrocketing mountain ranges right in front of you. There's also a pretty darned good ski resort here, plenty of hiking and biking opportunities, and Colorado's best summer festivals. While there aren't that many restaurants and nightlife spots, what they do have is always high quality.

Service throughout town is definitely lacking. Perhaps its due to the fact that while most locals love living here, it's nearly impossible to afford it. And the town's new-found fame only makes things more expensive. In all there seems to be some resentment of tourists – something not uncommon in other Colorado tourist hot spots – which takes on new levels in the rarefied air of Telluride.

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