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$249.99 Outdoor Activities

Red Rock Canyon by Scooter from Las Vegas

This fun, exciting scooter car tour will take you through Red Rock Canyon, a network of scenic canyons and surreal rock formations inside the Red Rock National Conservation Area. After hotel pickup in Las Vegas, your guide will drive you to the Summerlin area right near Red Rock, where you'll be assigned your scooter car, receive a safety overview, and take some practice runs. These easy-to-operate cars have no clutches or gears, and don't require a special license.Aboard your 2-person, 3-wheel scooter car, follow your guide approximately 5 miles (8 km) through the Mojave Desert on a paved road and arrive at Red Rock Canyon. Stop first at the visitor's center, where you'll learn about the park’s flora and fauna, wildlife and native Paiute Indians who once lived off this land. Next, your guide will lead the pack of scooter cars on the scenic 13-mile (21-km) loop through the canyon. Enjoy unobstructed 360-degree views of the landscape; see where professional rock climbers from all over the world come to climb; and keep your eyes out for wild burros, tortoises, jack rabbits and other wildlife.At designated stops along the way, you’ll have time to switch drivers and explore on your own. Your guide will happily recommend great trails for you to hike, depending on your desired difficulty level. One great spot is High Point Overlook; at nearly 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) in elevation, this lookout point offers amazing views of the southern part of the Las Vegas Valley with almost 70 miles (113 km) of visibility looking out toward Los Angeles.You'll spend approximately 3.5 hours driving and exploring on foot, and will cover at least 35 miles (56 km) round-trip from the start point in Summerlin. After your tour, you’ll be taken back to your Las Vegas hotel.Please note: price displayed is based per scooter; if traveling in a party of 2 please only select 1 traveler. If you wish to have individual scooters, select the number of scooters you will need. In order to operate the vehicles, customers must be able to speak and understand basic English for safety purposes.

$89.99 Walking & Biking Tours

Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour with Optional Guide Upgrade

We pick you up and transport you from the heart of Las Vegas to the beautiful scenic byway of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Starting from the Red Rock area, your tour guide will fit you to your Specialized Electric Turbo bike. With a brief ride, you familiarize yourself with the basic operations, then embark upon your adventure through Red Rock. You will tour along a smooth 8-foot wide bike lane on the national scenic byway either with guide support, or on your own, depending on the package you choose. For the guided tour, a professional tour guide accompanies you along the canyon’s paved scenic byway, and shows you around all the scenic and historic highlights along the way. Highlights include the historic Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and the Old Western Town and Petting Zoo of Bonnie Springs, both nestled in the shadows of the 3000 foot, 650 million year old Red Rock Canyon Thrust Fault. The approximate mileage for the guided tour is up to 20 miles. Riding the 13 mile scenic loop is not part of this tour. If you choose the Rental with pick up and drop off option, you have the option of starting from the shop in Summerlin or Red Rock Canyon. You must make that decision when you book. If you decide to start from the shop, expect a 33 mile round-trip ride (approximately). If you decide not to ride the BLM scenic loop, your ride will be approximately 22 miles. Riders choosing to be dropped off at the Red Rock Canyon entrance station, expect a 25 mile round trip ride (approximately). If you choose not to ride the scenic loop, you will ride approximately 12 miles. This option is unsupported and you will be responsible for fixing flats or adjustments and being back to the meeting place at the agreed upon time. If you ride the BLM scenic loop there is a $5 dollar entrance fee that is not included in purchase price.For the rental option we supply, bike, water, a map and directions. After riding through the canyon, you either return along the scenic byway and Summerlin bike path to the Las Vegas Cyclery bike shop or to a separate meeting location depending on tours we are running at that time, where you can catch a scheduled ride back to where we picked you up at. Depending on your pace, you may have the option to pay $5 to tour the BLM scenic loop on your own as well. Either way, guided or rental, the bike you will ride is a Specialized Turbo, offering the most advanced electronics on the market. The bike employs patented pedal assist smart technology which matches the bike power to your pedal power, stroke for stroke. You have the option to select the amount of assistance you prefer, whether turbo (double) or econo (partial) or recharge (reverses the power flow for downhills). Whichever method and speed you choose, you will be able to ride the canyon and enjoy the sites with plenty of fresh air and energy to spare.

$99 Walking & Biking Tours

Red Rock Canyon Self-Guided Electric Bike Tour

Your self-guided tour will begin with hotel pickup and transfer to the starting point in the Las Vegas neighborhood of Summerlin. You'll be provided with all the necessary equipment such as a helmet, bottles of water and an electric bike. These e-bikes are pedal-assist and you'll pedal them just like you do a regular bike except that the electric assist takes the strain out of the hills and headwinds. You will be amazed how easy they are to operate and are able to go a maximum speed on 20mph. After a safety orientation and practice ride you will be ready to head up to the Red Rock Canyon on a 4-mile bike lane before entering the Red Rock National Conservation Area. Once inside the park, glide along the 13-mile canyon paved scenic byway to reach an elevation of 4,800-feet with many places to stop. Red Rock Canyon is only a few miles west of Las Vegas and is estimated to be 190 million years old and is also home to over 200 different animals including coyotes, burros, bighorn sheeps, wild horses, turtles and much more. You will be able to photograph the display of a wide variety of beautiful landscapes within a short period of time. From red sandstone of the Calico Basin on the east to the red striped wooded mountains on the west, this is almost like a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Exploring this loop by electric bike will give you a great overview of the scenery much better than hiking the trails. The beauty of Red Rock will not go unnoticed to you, it is truly the natural jewel that Las Vegas residents take serious pride in preserving and this unique environment will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. This tour is a perfect way to see what Red Rock Canyon has to offer and you will find here on this loop: Calico Basin, Icebox Canyon, Pine Creek Canyon, Turtlehead Mountain and more.After riding approximately 22-miles through the canyon and surrounding areas you will return to the meeting location in Summerlin for your return transfer back to your hotel.