Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church


This 1927 church has a colorful interior depicting a Hawaiian Madonna, an outrigger canoe and Hawaiian farmers harvesting taro. The open-air sides are ideal for the balmy climate.

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2. Fort Ruins

0.16 MILES

This imposing stack of coral stone blocks standing at attention is a reconstruction of a section of an 1832 fort, originally built to keep rowdy whalers…

3. Banyan Tree Park

0.18 MILES

A leafy landmark (the largest tree in Hawaii) stands in the center of Lahaina. Remarkably, it sprawls across the entire square. Planted as a seedling on…

4. Lahaina Heritage Museum

0.18 MILES

This small museum on the 2nd floor of the Old Lahaina Courthouse celebrates Lahaina’s prominent role in Maui’s history. Exhibits spotlight ancient…

5. Hale Paʻahao Prison

0.18 MILES

A remnant of the whaling era, this shady coral-stone jail was built in 1852 and looks much as it did 150 years ago thanks to a 1988 restoration. One of…

6. Old Lahaina Courthouse

0.19 MILES

Tucked in the shadows of the iconic banyan tree, Lahaina’s 1859 courthouse is a repository of history and art. Its location beside the harbor is no…

7. Waiola (Waineʻe) Church


The first stone church in Hawaii, Waineʻe Church was built in 1832 then hit with a run of bad luck. In 1858 the belfry collapsed. In 1894 royalists,…

8. Waiola Cemetery

0.21 MILES

Adjacent to the Waiola Church, this cemetery holds several notables, including Governor Hoapili, who ordered the original church to be built; Reverend…