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$129 Shore Excursions

Kona Shore Excursion: Kona Coffee Chocolate and City of Refuge Small Group

Kona Coffee Farm - See Production & Sample Coffee City of Refuge - Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park Beautiful White Sand Beach Kona Chocolate Factory- See Production & Sample Chocolates Kealakekua Bay & Captain Cook Monument Scenic Look Outs South Kona Rainforest Optional Snorkel at Kahalu'u Beach, Shop on Alii Dr. or return back to ship. There are plenty of tasty treats to discover in and around sunny Kailua-Kona. As we make our way through this rugged landscape of old lava fields we enter into Kealakekua which hosts one of the most pristine bays on the Big Island and is rich with historical events. Across the Kealakekua Bay is the Captain Cook Monument put in place for the British explorer Captain James Cook who met his death with the local Hawaiians in this very place. Down the street a bit is the Painted Church, or as it is nick named because Father John painted the interior of the church with 3D depictions from the 1800’s.Next to visit is Puuhonua O Honaunau also known as the city of refuge and is the most famous and best preserved of Hawaii’s ancient places of refuge on the Big Island of Hawaii. At the park, you’ll encounter canoe builders constructing an outrigger canoe the way it was built in ancient times. There are demonstrations of traditional Hawaiian games, including spear throwing competitions. Examine a massive L-shaped wall, built around 1550 from thousands of lava rocks, which separated the chief’s home from the puuhonua. Inside this 1,000-foot-long wall are fine examples of temples and homes of old Hawaii.Now let’s go taste some sweet and buttery chocolates at the chocolate factory where your samples come right off the production line. Gourmet Chocolates made right in front of you. Brittles & Hot Sauces too! As we make our way back we will pass some lovely white sand beaches that spot the Kailua Kona area.To top everything off everyone is welcome to choose how they would like to finish their tour. Yep, that’s right, this tour has an optional ending and not everyone in your group has to do the same. First option would be to snorkel at Turtle Beach for about 1hr. If you decide to snorkel please remember your bathing suit and towel and a few dollars to rent snorkel gear from the vendors at the beach. Option 2 would be to shop on Alii Dr. which have many local shops and fun things to bring home. Option 3 ….If you just had enough chocolates and goodies and don’t want to snorkel or shop we will take you back to the ship and you don’t have to wait around for everyone else.

$139.95 Water Sports

Dolphin Swim and Captain Cook Snorkel Combo

Your excursion will begin with an narrative on spinner dolphin behaviors and how to have a memorable experience while having utmost respect for these beautiful marine mammals. After a night of feeding offshore, they come in to the coastline, and they are social and interactive with boats and with people before they find a spot to settle in to their rest state. This is the time they will most often bow ride, jump and spin, and show you why they are called "spinner dolphins"! It's during this time, we will find them and let you slip in to the water to view them swimming below and all around you. Quite often you will hear their vocalizations, signature whistles and echolocations! and if you are lucky, they may just come over to look you in the eye , and you'll see their intelligence as well as their beauty and grace.! Once they begin to settle in to their rest state, we'll get you back on the boat and go snorkeling at Kealakekua Bay!  ** Every so often , the wild dolphins may be out of range to snorkel at Kealakekua Bay, if that is the case, the Captain will choose an alternate snorkel site.*