Kona Coast

The main access point to the Big Island presents visitors with multiple destinations possessed of very distinct identities. Kailua-Kona is the urban heart of the west side, although you're free to place air quotes around 'urban.' Here you'll find tour offices, shopping centers and some very fine restaurants. Up the mountain, Holualoa is a breezy artists' enclave.

The Kona coast extends north and south of Kailua 'town.' To the north you'll find the edges of the great Hawaiian lava deserts, as well as hidden coves, Hawaiian ruins and resort communities. The South Kona Coast is a fascinating microcosm of Big Island ecosystems and cultural groups. Coffee farms tended by mainland transplants and generations-deep Japanese families stud the jungle hills, which smooth down to a coast studded with superlative snorkeling opportunities. Connecting the South Kona Coast to Kailua is Keauhou, a slice of mainland condo-country carved out of the Big Island.

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