A thatched canoe house in Kaloko-Honokokau National Historical Park.
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Honokohau Beach

Top choice in Kona Coast

The water is usually too cloudy for snorkeling at this beautiful hook-shaped beach with a mix of black lava, white coral and wave-tossed shells, but just standing on shore you'll often see honu (green sea turtles). You may spot more honu munching on limu (seaweed) around the ancient ʻAiʻopio fishtrap, bordered by a Hawaiian heiau at the beach's southern end. Inland are anchialine ponds – pools of brackish water that make unique habitats for marine and plant life.

To get here, turn right toward the first parking lot at Honokohau Harbor (look for the small public-coastal-access sign). Near the end of the road is the signposted trailhead; a five-minute walk on a well-beaten path leads to the beach. You could also take the longer, more-scenic route by hiking to the beach along the 0.75-mile Ala Mauka Makai trail from the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park visitor center.

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