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The bayside village of Kahakuloa, tucked at the bottom of a lush valley and embraced by towering sea cliffs, retains a solidly Hawaiian character. Kahakuloa’s isolation has protected it from the rampant development found elsewhere on Maui. Farmers tend taro patches, dogs wander across the road, and a missionary-era Protestant church marks the village center. One of Hawaii’s most accomplished ukulele players, Richard Hoʻopiʻi, grew up here.

You won’t find any stores, but villagers set up hard-to-miss roadside stands selling fruit and snacks to day-trippers. For shave ice, hit Ululani’s hot-pink stand. For chilled homemade lemonade and free samples of macadamia nuts, coconut candy and ʻono (delicious) banana bread, stop at Julia’s lime-green shack.

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Flexible Start Time: 8am to 9:30am. Pick-up/Drop-off Location: Your PlaceIn West Maui, discover coastline gems, majestic mountains, cultural and historical sites. Venture around West Maui Mountains for coastline views and numerous activities:If it's December through May, stopping at some scenic points for Whale watching is a must! Discover Hawaii’s largest collection of ancient petroglyphs chiseled into bedrock. These carvings depict native way of life. In Kapalua, hike to an incredible lava rock cliffside for jumping into the most pristine ocean and exploring sea life. Explore other pristine beaches and tide-pools. Take a stroll passed an ancient burial site to the legendary Dragons Teeth and labyrinth off the seashore. Visit Kapalua's famous Plantation Golf Course where the Mercedes & Hyundai Championships have taken place.Drive around West Maui Mountains loop and experience the force of Nakalele blowhole, where the eruptions are active 90% of the time and can often reach heights of 100 ft! If you're feeling adventurous, hike through lava rock zones that look like another planet! Hike down a crumbly trail and swim in the most amazing tide-pools - with the option of diving into the largest one! Take a liesurely walk through the unique and lush jungle of Honolua to the mouth of the Bay.On the backside of the mountains, visit the historical village of Kahakuloa for their famous banana bread and Lilkoi butter.In Central Valley: explore Iao Valley, the deepest valley in West Maui Mountains (our western and oldest volcano, Kakalawai - House of Water), making the Iao River the largest watershed from these wet slopes. The last eruption was 320,000 years ago, and since then, significant erosion has carved out these beautifully shaped mountains and deep valleys. Then making our way to the base of the Iao needle, a 1200 ft Basalt tower that was once used as a watch tower during battles between the Polynesians. Bath in the Iao Stream, our largest river on the island. In Wailuku: visit Maui's Tropical Plantation for stunning landscapes and views, local coffees, fruits and the upscale Mill House restaurant for lunch.In Upcountry Maui: experience panoramic views from 3000 to 4000 feet. Visit the Kula Lavender Farm, Kula Country farms, Botanical Gardens, and Maui Winery - Ulupalakua Vineyards.On the North shore: potentially discover giant resting Green Sea Turtles on a beach! And visit the historical plantation town of Paia.On the Southside: hike through extensive lava rock zones and hidden white coral beaches near La Perouse Bay. The bay is the site of Maui's most recent volcanic activity. It was later named for the French explorer, Captain Jean-François La Pérouse. In 1786, La Pérouse surveyed and mapped the prominent embayment near the southern cape of Maui.