Akaka Falls, Hamakua Coast, Waimea Reagion.

ʻAkaka Falls State Park

Top choice in Hamakua Coast

The island's best ‘tourist waterfall’ is found at this outstanding, family-friendly park. Walk the paved path counterclockwise, on a loop that traverses lush cliffs above a river. You'll first pass the modest opening act, Kahuna Falls (100ft), and then behold the grand ʻAkaka Falls, which plunge 442ft into a deep emerald pool. You’ll also enjoy a verdant garden that goes wildly into bloom during specific months (June to July is heliconia season).

For ideal photo conditions, go in the morning since the falls face eastward. To get here turn onto Hwy 220 between Miles 13 and 14, and head 4 miles inland. You can avoid the parking fee if you park outside the lot, but you must still pay the walk-in fee.

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