Bricks & Murals

Southeastern Connecticut

An international artists' collective created this series of 15 murals depicting the shared history of Pawcatuck and cross-river Westerly, from sporting rivalries to train and ferry services, Italian cuisine and hurricanes. It's an interesting and instructional view of a codependent history, crossing state lines, in a different style than the nearby New London Mural Walk.

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1. Barn Island Wildlife Management Area

1.21 MILES

Canoeists, kayakers, hikers and birders enjoy over 300 acres of salt- and freshwater marshes at Barn Island. Inhabited by hundreds of species of bird (it…

2. East Beach

2.39 MILES

This fine beach is in front of the Ocean House hotel. It stretches for several miles from the Watch Hill lighthouse all the way to Misquamicut, with the…

3. Watch Hill

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A 5-mile drive southwest of Westerly town center, you'll come to the cloistered community known as Watch Hill, where New York's rich and/or famous have…

4. Saltwater Farm Vineyard

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Housed in a striking 1930s aluminum airport hangar, Saltwater Farm is one of the newest vineyards in Connecticut. Surrounded by tidal marshes and cooled…

5. Misquamicut State Beach

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7. Watch Hill Beach

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This small, calm beach adjacent to the Flying Horses Carousel has lovely change facilities and is suited to families with small children.

8. Velvet Mill

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This community arts center hosts a weekend farmers market (10am to 1pm Saturday, October to May) and an artisan/vendor market (10am to 4pm Saturday and…