Velvet Mill

Top choice in Southeastern Connecticut

This community arts center hosts a weekend farmers market (10am to 1pm Saturday, October to May) and an artisan/vendor market (10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday, year-round), and is a hub for local artists, small businesses (including some locavore food vendors), and practitioners of yoga and other healing arts. Delicious discoveries include a brewer, a baker and wood-fired pizza maker.

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1. Portuguese Holy Ghost Society Building

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Built in 1836, the club building of the Portuguese Holy Ghost Society is a reminder of the contributions Portuguese whalers have made to Stonington since…

2. Captain Nathaniel Palmer House

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The 16-room Captain Nathaniel Palmer House is one of the finest houses in town and the former home of the first American to see the continent of…

3. Old Lighthouse Museum

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5. Barn Island Wildlife Management Area

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This small, calm beach adjacent to the Flying Horses Carousel has lovely change facilities and is suited to families with small children.

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