Sacramento & the Central Valley

A few miles southwest of Clarksburg via winding County Rds 141 and 144, the region's best-known winery is set among vineyard on a sixth-generation family farm. Bogle takes pride in its sustainability practices (solar energy, recycled water, natural pest control and more), and serves up a mean petit sirah.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Sacramento & the Central Valley attractions

1. Old Sugar Mill

2.38 MILES

This old mill serves as a hub for a thriving community of local winemakers, featuring several local tasting rooms and nice outdoor spaces overlooking…

2. Dai Loy Museum


An old gambling hall filled with photos and relics of gaming operations, including betting tables and an antique safe.

3. Locke Historic District

9.71 MILES

After a fire wiped out Walnut Grove’s Chinatown in 1912, the Chinese merchants, farmers and laborers who built the levees established Locke, a fascinating…

4. California Museum

13.04 MILES

This modern museum is home to the California Hall of Fame and so the only place to simultaneously encounter César Chávez, Mark Zuckerberg and Amelia…

5. Crocker Art Museum

13.12 MILES

Housed in the ornate Victorian mansion (and sprawling additions) of a railroad baron, this museum has striking architecture and an excellent collection…

6. California State Capitol

13.19 MILES

The gleaming dome of the California State Capitol is Sacramento’s most recognizable structure. A painting of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a suit hangs in the…

7. Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

13.21 MILES

Originally built by John Sutter, this park was once the only trace of white settlement for hundreds of miles. Reserve a couple hours to stroll within its…

8. State Indian Museum

13.24 MILES

It’s with some irony that the Indian Museum sits in the shadow of Sutter’s Fort. The excellent exhibits and tribal handicrafts on display – including the…