Old Sugar Mill

Sacramento & the Central Valley

This old mill serves as a hub for a thriving community of local winemakers, featuring several local tasting rooms and nice outdoor spaces overlooking vineyards, ideal for sipping wine on a fresh delta day. The wines of the Clarksburg region have developed a lot over the last decade, benefiting from the blazing sun and cool delta breezes.

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1. Bogle

2.38 MILES

A few miles southwest of Clarksburg via winding County Rds 141 and 144, the region's best-known winery is set among vineyard on a sixth-generation family…

2. California Museum

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This modern museum is home to the California Hall of Fame and so the only place to simultaneously encounter César Chávez, Mark Zuckerberg and Amelia…

3. Crocker Art Museum

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Housed in the ornate Victorian mansion (and sprawling additions) of a railroad baron, this museum has striking architecture and an excellent collection…

4. California State Capitol

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5. Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

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Originally built by John Sutter, this park was once the only trace of white settlement for hundreds of miles. Reserve a couple hours to stroll within its…

6. State Indian Museum

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It’s with some irony that the Indian Museum sits in the shadow of Sutter’s Fort. The excellent exhibits and tribal handicrafts on display – including the…

7. Golden 1 Center


Welcome to the arena of the future. This gleaming home to the Sacramento Kings is one of the most advanced sports facilities in the country. Made with the…

8. K Street Mall

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Known by locals as 'The Kay,' this formerly blighted neighborhood has undergone a major redevelopment effort that has transformed it into a weekend hot…