ʻIao Valley State Monument

Park in ʻIao Valley State Monument

Image by Photograph by Michael Schwab Getty Images

If you’ve seen just one photograph of Maui's lush interior, odds are it was of the magnificent ʻIao Needle, the green pinnacle that provides the focal point for ʻIao Valley State Monument. However, at the end of 2016 the park suffered extensive damage due to heavy rain and flooding. At the time of writing, and due to hazardous conditions, only residents were allowed into the valley. The park is expected to reopen to visitors mid-2017; check the Department of Land & Natural Resources (http://dlnr.hawaii.gov) website before your visit.

Visitors would ordinarily have access to this area nestled in the mountains, 3 miles west of central Wailuku, this park extends clear up to Puʻu Kukui (5788ft), Maui’s highest and wettest point.