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The city fathers have occupied this location since the 14th century, but the present-day Italianate look dates to 1835. In a sign of openness and transparency, visitors are allowed to roam the corridors of power, but most of them do so on the arduous climb (305 steps from the 4th-floor ticket office) of the 65m-tall tower that looms over the Rynok.

Noon is marked with a bugle call from one of the balconies on the southern side of the building.

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1. Ploshcha Rynok

0.02 MILES

Lviv was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1998, and this old market square lies at its heart. The square was progressively rebuilt after a major…

3. Lviv History Museum – Black House

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Occupying the conspicuous Black House with its seemingly sooty facade, this is possibly the least interesting of the four pl Rynok branches of Lviv's…

4. Lviv History Museum – Rynok 24

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This branch of the Lviv History Museum expounds on the city's very early days starting with early cultures that inhabited Galicia and ending with the…

6. Apteka Museum

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This fascinating pharmacy museum is located inside a still-functioning chemist's shop dating from 1735. Buy a ticket from the pharmacist and head down…

7. Boyim Chapel

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The blackened facade of the burial chapel (1615), belonging to Hungarian merchant Georgi Boyim and his family, is covered in magnificent if somewhat…

8. Latin Cathedral


With various chunks dating from between 1370 and 1480, this working cathedral is one of Lviv’s most impressive churches. The exterior is most definitely…