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Revamped in 2017, the museum belonging to Lviv's brewery is an impressive, modern experience, a world away for the rickety post-Soviet repositories of the past found in many Ukrainian cities. The well-presented exhibits whet the appetite for the tasting session at the end, which takes place in an impressively renovated bar. To reach the museum, take tram 7 to St Anna Church (where vul Shevchenka peels away from vul Horodotska) then walk north along vul Kleparivska for around 600m.

The displays in the renovated cellars start right at the beginning with Egypt's beer-brewing tradition from 5000 years ago. It then traces the history of European brewing and specifically the story of the Lviv brewery from its early days as a monastical institution to the present day, via Robert Doms' purchase of the business in 1861 and the Soviet era when a batch of Lvivske was airfreighted to the Kremlin on a daily basis. Visitors emerge from the cellars into the bright, dramatically ceilinged and imaginatively illuminated copper-hued bar where they are served four types of beer in a special rack. There's English throughout.

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