Janowska Concentration Camp


Around a kilometre's walk west of the Yanivske cemetery are a plaque and a billboard marking the spot of the Janowska concentration camp, now a prison.

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1. Yanivske Cemetery

0.88 MILES

The Yanivske Cemetery, northwest of the city centre, has a large Jewish section accessible from vul Yeroshenka (a side street off vul Tarasa Shevchenka).

3. Lvivarnya

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On the way between the city centre and the train station stands the historic and sacred centre of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine, which was handed…

6. Holocaust Memorial


About 500m north of the Theatre of Opera and Ballet on pr Chornovola is the Holocaust memorial, a vaguely cubist statue of a tormented figure looking…

7. St Nicholas Church

2.22 MILES

Darkly mysterious and wonderfully aromatic, this is possibly Lviv's finest church away from the tourist action. It dates back to at least 1292 and is now…