Mt Ararat at sunset

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Mt Ararat

A highlight of any trip to eastern Turkey, the twin peaks of Mt Ararat (Ağrı Daği) have figured in legends since time began, most notably as the supposed resting place of Noah's ark. The western peak, Büyük Ağrı (Great Ararat), is 5137m high, while Küçük Ağrı (Little Ararat) rises to 3925m. Climbing Great Ararat is a fantastic and challenging (if nontechnical) experience. Sadly for climbers, in 2016 Ararat was declared a military restricted zone and climbers were banned from the mountain. It is hoped that the ban will be lifted for the 2018 climbing season though this didn't seem likely on our last research trip. Check locally for up-to-date information.

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