Pink Farm Cemetery

Gallipoli Peninsula

Allied cemetery in the southern area of the Gallipoli Peninsula.

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Nearby Gallipoli Peninsula attractions

1. Skew Bridge Cemetery

1.04 MILES

Skew Bridge Cemetery is north of Seddülbahir. Take the left fork north of the village where the road divides.

2. Redoubt Cemetery

1.33 MILES

Allied cemetery in the southern part of the Gallipoli Peninsula, north of Seddülbahir.

3. French War Memorial & Cemetery

1.51 MILES

The rarely visited French cemetery is extremely moving, with rows of metal crosses and five white-concrete ossuaries each containing the bones of 3000…

6. Cape Helles British Memorial

1.95 MILES

This British memorial is a commanding stone obelisk erected in honour of the 20,000-plus Britons and Australians who perished in this area and have no…

7. Yahya Çavuş Şehitliği

1.99 MILES

Yahya Çavuş Şehitliği remembers the Turkish officer who led the resistance to the Allied landing in the southern area of the peninsula and caused heavy…

8. W Beach

2.03 MILES

Little-visited W Beach, 1.5km west of Seddülbahir, was one of the main British landing beaches. It's famous for the 'six VCs before breakfast', referring…