Redoubt Cemetery

Gallipoli Peninsula

Allied cemetery in the southern part of the Gallipoli Peninsula, north of Seddülbahir.

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2. Salim Mutlu War Museum

1.26 MILES

In the village of Alçıtepe, the Salim Mutlu War Museum is a hodgepodge of rusty finds from the battlefields. It gives a good sense of just how much…

4. French War Memorial & Cemetery

1.47 MILES

The rarely visited French cemetery is extremely moving, with rows of metal crosses and five white-concrete ossuaries each containing the bones of 3000…

5. Skew Bridge Cemetery

1.51 MILES

Skew Bridge Cemetery is north of Seddülbahir. Take the left fork north of the village where the road divides.

7. Sargı Yeri Cemetery

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The Turkish Sargı Yeri Cemetery features an enormous statue of 'Mehmet', the archetypal Turkish soldier. Follow the signs from the main intersection in…

8. Çanakkale Şehitleri Anıtı

1.99 MILES

This gigantic stone structure, also known as the Abide (Monument), was built to commemorate Turkish soldiers who fought and died at Gallipoli.