Gallipoli Campaign Historic Site

Gallipoli Peninsula

Set within the 33,500 hectares of the Gallipoli Peninsula, this historic site protects the cemeteries and battlefields of the Anzac campaign. There are currently 40 Allied war cemeteries at Gallipoli, and around 20 Turkish ones. The principal battles took place on the peninsula's western shore, around Anzac Cove (Anzac Koyu), 12km northwest of Eceabat, and in the hills east of the cove.

There are several different signage systems in use at the site: Turkish highway signs; national-park administration signs; and wooden signs posted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. This can lead to confusion because the foreign and Turkish troops used different names for the battlefields, and the park signs don't necessarily agree with those erected by the highway department. We've used both English and Turkish names.

If you wish to identify a particular grave when you are here, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website ( is a useful resource.

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1. Çanakkale Epic Promotion Centre

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2. Brighton Beach

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Near Kabatepe village, Brighton Beach was a favourite swimming spot for Anzac troops during the campaign. Today, this is the only officially sanctioned…

3. Mehmetçiğe Derin Saygı Anıtı


Mehmetçiğe Derin Saygı Anıtı is dedicated to 'Mehmetçik' (Little Mehmet, the Turkish 'tommy' or 'digger'), who carried a Kiwi soldier to safety.

4. Kilitbahir Castle Museum

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6. Kanlısırt Kitabesi

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Kanlısırt Kitabesi describes the battle of Lone Pine from the Turkish viewpoint.

7. Lone Pine Cemetery

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Lone Pine is perhaps the most moving of all the Anzac cemeteries. Australian forces captured the Turkish positions here on the afternoon of 6 August 1915…