Sultan Beyazıt II Cami

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The graceful Sultan Beyazıt II Cami (1486) is Amasya's largest külliye (mosque complex), with a medrese (seminary), fountain, imaret (soup kitchen) and library. With its white marble mihrab (niche indicating the direction of Mecca), minber (pulpit) and windows featuring kündekari (interlocking wooden carvings), the vast prayer room exudes a grand serenity. It's surrounded by manicured lawns that are a popular hang-out place with locals.

In the forecourt, be sure to check out the murals of Amasya that decorate the ceiling of the fountain's roof. The mosque grounds are also home to the small and rather eccentric Minyatür Amasya Müzesi, which is a near perfect re-creation of Amasya in miniature.

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