Burmalı Minare Cami


This Seljuk-era mosque was built between 1237 and 1247. Inside, the plain white, domed interior is offset by a very jazzy gold-coloured mihrab (niche indicating the direction of Mecca) framed by blue tiles. Outside, the single minaret with its spiral stone design is a later addition, having been added in the 17th century.

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1. Fethiye Cami

0.15 MILES

The small Fethiye Cami was originally a Byzantine church, estimated to have been built in the 7th century.

2. Gümüşlü Cami

0.18 MILES

The Gümüşlü Cami (1326) is the earliest Ottoman mosque in Amasya, but has been rebuilt several times: in 1491 after an earthquake, in 1612 after a fire,…

3. Hatuniye Cami

0.21 MILES

Built in the early 16th century, the Hatuniye Cami sits snug within the row of restored Ottoman houses of Amasya's Hatuniye neighbourhood.

4. Hazeranlar Konağı

0.21 MILES

The Hazeranlar Konağı, constructed in 1865 and restored in 1979, was built by Hasan Talat, the accountant of governor-poet Ziya Paşa, for his sister,…

5. Minyatür Amasya Müzesi

0.24 MILES

This one-room museum in the grounds of the Sultan Beyazit II Cami is home to a recreation of Amasya in miniature that is a hit with visiting local…

6. Tombs of the Pontic Kings

0.25 MILES

Looming above the northern bank of the river is a sheer rock face with the conspicuous rock-cut Tombs of the Pontic Kings. The tombs, chiselled deep into…

7. Belediye Building

0.25 MILES

Amasya's old belediye (town council) building was built in the late Ottoman era and has a lovely stone facade.