Amasya Museum

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Amasya's museum packs in treasures from the Chalcolithic era up to the Byzantine age in its ground-floor galleries. Look out for the famous bronze statuette of Hittite storm god Teshup, which was unearthed locally. Upstairs, in the ethnographic section, a separate room holds the museum's highlight: a collection of mummies dating from the 14th-century İlkhan period. The bodies, mummified without removing the organs, were discovered beneath the Burmalı Minare Cami. They're not very suitable for squeamish or young eyes.

There's also a wealth of manuscripts, Ottoman artefacts, an armoury of flintlock guns and the original wooden doors from Amasya's Gök Medrese Cami. All the displays have detailed information panels in English.

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1. Sultan Beyazıt II Cami

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The graceful Sultan Beyazıt II Cami (1486) is Amasya's largest külliye (mosque complex), with a medrese (seminary), fountain, imaret (soup kitchen) and…

2. Minyatür Amasya Müzesi

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3. Gök Medrese Cami

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4. Hatuniye Cami

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Built in the early 16th century, the Hatuniye Cami sits snug within the row of restored Ottoman houses of Amasya's Hatuniye neighbourhood.

5. Hazeranlar Konağı


The Hazeranlar Konağı, constructed in 1865 and restored in 1979, was built by Hasan Talat, the accountant of governor-poet Ziya Paşa, for his sister,…

6. Tombs of Mythridates III & Pharnaces I

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