Hatuniye Cami


Built in the early 16th century, the Hatuniye Cami sits snug within the row of restored Ottoman houses of Amasya's Hatuniye neighbourhood.

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1. Hazeranlar Konağı

0.02 MILES

The Hazeranlar Konağı, constructed in 1865 and restored in 1979, was built by Hasan Talat, the accountant of governor-poet Ziya Paşa, for his sister,…

3. Tombs of the Pontic Kings

0.09 MILES

Looming above the northern bank of the river is a sheer rock face with the conspicuous rock-cut Tombs of the Pontic Kings. The tombs, chiselled deep into…

4. Tombs of Mythridates III & Pharnaces I


Turn left at the Pontic tombs ticket office and then through a tunnel carved into the cliff to these unfortunately rather graffiti-covered tombs where the…

5. Minyatür Amasya Müzesi

0.13 MILES

This one-room museum in the grounds of the Sultan Beyazit II Cami is home to a recreation of Amasya in miniature that is a hit with visiting local…

7. Sultan Beyazıt II Cami

0.17 MILES

The graceful Sultan Beyazıt II Cami (1486) is Amasya's largest külliye (mosque complex), with a medrese (seminary), fountain, imaret (soup kitchen) and…

8. Burmalı Minare Cami

0.21 MILES

This Seljuk-era mosque was built between 1237 and 1247. Inside, the plain white, domed interior is offset by a very jazzy gold-coloured mihrab (niche…