Muradiye Medresesi


The bulky 15th-century Muradiye Medresesi is part of the Muradiye Complex. During the mid-20th century the building was used as a medical centre for tuberculosis patients. Today a medical clinic is based in the building so it's not open to the public.

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1. Sultan Murat II (Muradiye) Hamamı

0.02 MILES

The 15th-century Sultan Murat II Hamamı was once where medrese (seminary) students bathed. It is now a government building. It's part of the Muradiye…

2. Ottoman House Museum

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This restored 17th-century house has a beautiful exterior and a few Ottoman dioramas inside.

3. Muradiye Tombs

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Muradiye cemetery's 12 tombs (dating from the 15th and 16th centuries) include the sparsely decorated tomb of Sultan Murat II (r 1421–51) along with the…

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6. Muradiye Complex

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This Ottoman-era complex incorporates a stately medrese (seminary; 1426) and the equally handsome Sultan Murat II (Muradiye) Cami, also built in 1426, but…

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