Uludağ Teleferik

Western Anatolia

The 8.2km Uludağ Teleferik is the world's longest cable car. The cable car travels from its lowest station Teferrüç (236m) to Oteller (1810m), where Uludağ's hotels and snow-sports infrastructure are located. Along the way at Sarıalan (1635m) passengers can disembark for its teahouses as well as walking trails. The cable car cabins take eight people and the full ascent to Oteller takes 22 minutes.

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1. Emir Sultan Cami


An early Ottoman mosque, the 14th-century Emir Sultan Cami was named for Sultan Beyazıt I's son-in-law and adviser, a Persian scholar-dervish. Today's…

2. Tofaş Museum of Anatolian Carriages

0.72 MILES

Old cars and horse-drawn carts are housed in this former silk factory with gardens. It's a 550m walk uphill, signposted right after the Setbaşı road…

3. Yeşil Türbe

0.86 MILES

The mausoleum of 5th Ottoman sultan Mehmed I Çelebi (and several of his children) stands in a cypress-trimmed park opposite the Yeşil Cami. During his…

4. Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum

0.88 MILES

Housed in the former medrese (seminary) of the Yeşil Cami, this museum contains 14th- to 16th-century İznik ceramics, jewellery, embroidery, calligraphy,…

5. Yeşil Cami

0.89 MILES

Built for Mehmet I, the Yeşil (Green) Cami was completed in 1422 and represents a departure from the previous, Persian-influenced Seljuk architecture that…

6. Irgandı Köprüsü

0.99 MILES

Spanning the gorge, north of the Setbaşı road bridge, this restored Ottoman bridge houses shops, cafes and touristy artisan workshops.

7. Yıldırım Beyazıt Cami

1.13 MILES

This twin-domed mosque (1395), also referred to as just Beyazıt Cami, was built by Mehmed I Çelebi's father, Sultan Beyazıt I. It houses the tombs of…

8. Bursa City Museum

1.18 MILES

This lively museum, very popular with local families, chronicles Bursa's history from the earliest sultans, their military campaigns and their ornate…