Historic Building in Around Avanos

Built in 1249, the Sarıhan has an elaborate gateway with a small mosque above it. Having been restored in the late 1980s, it's one of the best remaining Seljuk caravanserais. Gunning down the highway towards it makes you feel like a 13th-century trader, ready to rest his camels and catch up with his fellow dealers.

Inside, in the bare stone courtyard, you'll have to use your imagination to capture a sense of the building's history.

The main reason to come to the Sarıhan is for the nightly 45-minute whirling dervish ceremony. Getting to the Sarıhan, 6km east of Avanos, without your own transport is difficult, as there are no dolmuşes and few vehicles with which to hitch a ride. An Avanos taxi driver will probably want around ₺30 to take you there and back, including waiting time.