Villa Boublil


This building is an art deco masterpiece that was designed by JG Ellul.

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1. Grande Synagogue de Tunis

0.35 MILES

The winning entry in an architectural contest held in 1911, this concrete building with a huge Star of David on its facade was designed by French-Tunisian…

2. Saheb Ettaba Mosque

0.76 MILES

This mosque dates from the 19th century (though the minaret was added only in 1970), when Halfaouine was an emerging fashionable quarter. It forms part of…

3. Zaouia of Sidi Mehrez

0.85 MILES

Final resting place of Sidi Mehrez, Tunis’ patron saint. Women offer prayers here to be endowed with a husband or children.

4. Lycee Bourguiba

0.88 MILES

Arabisant-style building on one of Centre Ville's main boulevards.

5. Dar El Monastiri

0.88 MILES

Built at the beginning of the 19th century for the son of Mahmud Bey, the seventh leader of the Husainid Dynasty, and then gifted to M'hamed El Monastiri,…

6. Rue Lenine Street Art

0.88 MILES

The walls of derelict buildings on this street have been used as open-air canvases by local street artists.

7. Sidi Mehrez Mosque

0.88 MILES

This mosque, hidden behind a yellow door and topped with a cluster of white domes, was constructed in 1692 and is ranked as one of Tunis' finest Ottoman…

8. Institut Française de Tunisie

0.92 MILES

Housed in a building elegantly revamped by Richter+Partner with Karim Jeddi-Gonzales, the Institut Française hosts a rich program of cultural activities…