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To the classically inclined, the name Djerba conjures images of Homer’s Land of the Lotus-Eaters, an island so seductive that it’s impossible to leave. These days, many visitors voluntarily sequester themselves at the resort hotels along beautiful Plage Sidi Mahrès, but there are plenty of other things to do, including visiting some impressive museums.

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$173.73 Cultural & Theme Tours

Tataouine, Beni Khedech and Chenini Day Tour including Lunch from Djerba

Departure From  your hotel in Djerba to Medenine via the Roman Bridge. Arrival to Mednine and visit the Ksours of Ouerghemmas, in this peak attic of the largest confederation of Berber tribes contained over 6000 ghorfas, the vast majority has now disappeared. Continuation towards Beni Khedech, designed like Matmata, underground and discreet; visit of Ksar Haddada. Lunch in matamata : local restaurant & local foods.On to Tataouine, a brief stop at the Spice Market and lunch at a relais. Continuation to Douiret, short stop for photos, then on to Chenini, visit the village and then return to Djerba via Medenine and the Roman Bridge.

$375 Outdoor Activities

Overnight Tunisia Sahara Desert Safari by 4x4

Day 1: Start your overnight experience with a pickup from your Douz hotel, and then travel into the desert aboard your Land cruiser, a mode of transport used extensively in 1950s desert expeditions. As you travel, listen to your guide’s stories about the sahara desert past and present, as well as the many customs and traditions that you’ll experience throughout the evening. Head through Douz Desert Reserve on an African-style wildlife safari, looking out for Arabian gazelles, Fennecs, oryx, and then stop in a Bedouin-inspired camp in the grounds of a private royal retreat. Make your way past the gently flickering flames from the lights that mark the entranceway, and then hop out of your Land Cruiser to take a seat at your table. Before your meal starts, a range of cultural activities are demonstrated around the tables. Enjoy an Arabic Mint Tea and sit back to watch the bedouin chef food preparation. Pose in the sand dunes for a photo as the sun goes down, watch a bread-making demonstration or gaze at Tunisia's national bird – the falcon. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture even more, why not get a henna tattoo, smoke a shisha pipe (Arabic water pipe) or even try the traditional mode of Bedouin transport — a camel. Take a seat back at your table in time for a cookery demonstration, where you’ll learn how to make local flat bread prepared on open fire. Then, all that’s left to do is to feast on your 4-course dinner under the stars. Like the activities at the camp, the dishes are mostly traditional Bedouin specialties. After your meal, sit around the bonfire and gaze up at the stars, and then make your way to your Arabic tent — complete with comfortable mattress, pillows and blanket — nestled inside the camp. Settle in and enjoy sleeping overnight in the heart of the desert! Day 2: Wake to a beautiful sunrise in the morning and to the scent of strong Arabic coffee brewing and to see your breakfast being cooked. Then, feast on traditional breakfast bread, washed down with Arabic coffee, of course. You will also hear fascinating tales first-hand from a local Bedouin who will be joining you for breakfast. After your breakfast, meet your driver and bid your friends in the desert camp a fond farewell before traveling back to Douz. Then, finish your experience with a drop-off at your hotel.

$50 Outdoor Activities

Sunset or Sunrise Camel ride in the Sahara Desert of Douz

Begin your experience with a pickup from your Douz hotel. Meet your friendly driver, hop inside your comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle, and set off for your camel ride starting point. Be welcomed by the friendly cameleers, Be shown to your camel and learn how these hardy desert animals have been used for transport in Tunisia for centuries thanks to their ability to travel long distances without water. After a safety briefing, climb into the saddle on the back of the camel and relax as you enjoy a ride through the verdant palms and sands. Take photos of the views as the sun descends through the sky and absorb the serenity of the surroundings as you saunter through the grounds. After your approximate 3-hours ride, drive back to your hotel where your experience ends.

$150 Outdoor Activities


Following a morning pickup from your accommodation in Douz, meet your guide and hop aboard your vehicle. Then, leave the busy souks behind and travel out into the Golden Sand desert surrounding the city, where life ticks by at a far slower pace. Start your adventure with a 4-hour camel trek, and ride deeper into the Sahara desert with your cheich (traditional scarf) wrapped tight to protect you from the winds. Stop off at a village near the palm groves to enjoy a refreshing cup of Mint tea and a snack with a local family. During your visit, perhaps chat to your hosts and gain insight into life outside the city. Following a traditional Berber lunch, pull on your helmet and goggles then hop onto your quad bike for an adrenaline-pumping, 4-hour spin along the dusty trails. Travel through ancient Berber villages and farms with your guide and enjoy panoramic views over the rugged terrain. When it’s time to head back to Douz, hop back aboard your vehicle for the return journey to your accommodation in the city where your tour will come to an end.

$169 Water Sports

KiteSurfing Beginners Course in Djerba

Enjoy convenient pickup at your Djerba hotel and transfer to a private resort for your kite surfing lesson. Once at the resort, meet your expert instructor. Learn a bit about kite surfing, a combination of paragliding, windsurfing and wakeboarding with a little gymnastics and surfing thrown it. Get a little guided practice on the beach before hitting the waves with your guide.  All necessary equipment is provided, and you'll get one-on-one attention from your instructor during this private lesson. It's a challenging sport to learn, and you'll enjoy the opportunity to rest on the resort's beach after a couple of hours of hard work. Head back into the water when you're ready to finish up your lesson, then board your transportation back to your hotel for drop-off.

$389 Water Sports

3-Days Introduction to Kitesurfing Private Course in Djerba

Kitesurfing is the sport of fashion, it helps you to get in shape and fills you with loads of adrenaline. The private kite course for beginners is split into modules of 2 hours for 3 days. Your instructor will be supervising you at all times so you will improve as fast as possible. Before starting with the practice lesson, you will have a theoretical lesson with all the necessary material and videos of about 15 minutes long. Day 1: Kite’s control on the ground. You will start with a Training Kite, so you will learn safety rules, as well as control, take off, land, and relaunch the kite. Once you learn how to properly operate the controls of the bar, you will practice with conventional kites, using the technique of changing the length of the lines. Day 2: Bodydrag. This practice starts in the water. The student sets behind the instructor who controls the kite, while in the second round the instructor sets behind the student that this time will be controlling the kite and repeating the exercises. Unlike other schools, Red Rock applies this method believing it to be one of the most effective and safe. The student will learn to go downwind, upwind, retrieve the board, and relaunch the kite from the water. Day 3: Waterstart. At this point you will learn to stand on the board and start navigating.  Always with the instructor by your side. All participants must be 10 years old or older to do this course, and should weight at least 35 kilos and do not have medical or physical conditions that may cause a risk to themselves or others during Kitesurfing maneuvers. Any previous illnesses or injuries should be notified in advance. All kitesurfers should be able to swim in open water for at least 15 minutes without assistance. There’s no need to have previous experience since this course is for beginners. In terms of availability of this activity, the classes are subject to meteorological conditions, being postponed in some cases by high wind or lack of such. Private course for beginners in modules of 2 hours, for 3 days.  Kitesurfing is one of the most popular sports of today, you will get an adrenaline rush, and reduce stress.  Enjoy practicing this sport in one of the best beaches in Djerba.