Musée de Guellala


This whitewashed complex sits in a commanding position at the top of a hill 2km east of Guellala on the road to Cedouikech. Inside, a well-intentioned but extremely dated collection of life-size dioramas uses mannequins to illustrate Djerban customs and folklore. The rather kitschy reproductions of ‘scenes from Djerban life’ range from lifelike circumcision scenes to unusual Sufi ceremonies. There's also an impressive exhibit about traditional Tunisian wedding costumes. The outdoor exhibit featuring a tethered camel is unfortunate.

SRT de Medenine buses stop on the highway at the start of the road leading up to the museum. A taxi from Houmt Souk will cost around 10DT; it's 12DT from the Zone Touristique and 5.5DT from Erriadh.