Borj Ghazi Mustapha


Built in the 13th-century by the Aragonese, this fort was captured by the Ottomans in 1560 and has been allowed to slowly crumble in recent times – be careful when exploring and don't rely on the protective barriers, which aren't well maintained. Interpretative labels are in French and Arabic only.

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1. Djerba Traditional Heritage Museum

0.29 MILES

Good things often come in small packages, and that is certainly the case at this modestly sized but extremely impressive museum. Occupying a curvaceous…

2. Fishing Port & Marina

0.32 MILES

Houmt Souk’s busy little fishing port is at the northern end of Ave Habib Bourguiba, about a 25-minute walk from town. Early mornings are the busiest and…

4. Mosque Al Ghorba

0.51 MILES

Designed in the Djerban style and used by followers of the Maliki school of Islam, this mosque is one of the town's major landmarks.

5. Marché Central

0.64 MILES

The daily auction at the fish market takes place late mornings in the northeast corner of the Marché Central. Auctioneers command attention as they…

6. Djerbahood

4.38 MILES

In 2014, 150 artists from 30 countries descended on Erriadh to collaborate on an ambitious street-art project. The result was 250 vividly coloured…

7. El Ghriba

4.83 MILES

The most important synagogue on Djerba and the oldest in Tunisia, this 19th-century building is in a white compound 1km south of the medina. Pass through…

8. Plage Sidi Mahrès

7.63 MILES

This long sweep of golden sand with its gently breaking surf is Djerba's greatest attraction. It begins east of the low-lying Ras Remel Peninsula, which…