Inner Court and Knight's Hall The Hague

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Den Haag

Home to both houses of the Dutch government, this complex of buildings next to the Hofvijver is arranged around a central courtyard that was once used for executions. Its splendid ceremonial Ridderzaal dates back to the 13th century. The 17th-century North Wing is still home to the Upper House, but the Lower House meets in a chamber in the modern eastern part of the complex. Visitor organisation ProDemos conducts guided tours.

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1. Ridderzaal

0.01 MILES

Originally the reception and party hall of a 13th-century hunting lodge built by the the Count of Holland, the Knights Hall is the oldest part of the…

2. Mauritshuis

0.06 MILES

Offering a wonderful introduction to Dutch and Flemish art, this splendid museum is set in a 17th-century mansion built for wealthy sugar trader Johan…

3. Hofvijver

0.07 MILES

Overlooked by both the Binnenhof and the Mauritshuis, the picturesque Hofvijver inspires countless snapshots.

4. Galerij Prins Willem V

0.12 MILES

Sharing an entrance with the Gevangenpoort, this was the first public museum in the Netherlands when it opened in 1774 as a showcase of William V's art…

5. Museum de Gevangenpoort

0.12 MILES

A remnant of the 13th-century city fortifications, the Gevangenpoort functioned as a prison from 1428 to 1825. Guided tours (30 minutes) run hourly on…

6. Stadhuis

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Designed by US architect Richard Meier and completed in 1995, this often-maligned, huge, blindingly white building is usually referred to as the 'Ice…

7. Escher in Het Paleis

0.27 MILES

Once home to members of the Dutch royal family, the 18th-century Lange Voorhout Palace now houses a collection of the work of Dutch graphic artist MC…

8. Grote Kerk

0.31 MILES

Dating from 1450, the Great Church has a fine pulpit that was constructed in the following century. If you're here outside its limited visitor season …