Petit Port


This gorgeous sheltered cove is reachable via a flight of 270 – count 'em! – steps just off the west side of Jerbourg Point. If you don't mind the climb back up, you'll find plenty of space to lay your beach towel and calm waters for swimming.

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1. Moulin Huet Bay

0.36 MILES

The caves and rock formations of this pretty cove have inspired at least one French impressionist painter. Even if it doesn't inspire you to pick up a…

2. Jerbourg Point

0.44 MILES

The southeastern tip of Guernsey provides great views of the Normandy coast, Jersey, Sark and Herm on a clear day. Head to the southernmost tip for a look…

3. Sausmarez Manor

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Home to one of Guernsey's most distinguished families for over 800 years, the manor is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of generations of adventurers,…

4. Gran'mère du Chimquière

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Remember how Asterix' friend Obelix used to carve and deliver menhirs? Well, the Gran'mère is an elaborately carved menhir carved around 4000 years ago…

5. Aquarium

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Housed inside what was originally a Victorian tram tunnel and then German fortifications during WWII, this little aquarium is an excellent introduction to…

7. Hauteville House

1.82 MILES

Victor Hugo was exiled from France in 1851 after Napoleon III's coup, living on Guernsey from 1856-70. His exuberant home Hauteville House, where he wrote…

8. Petit Bôt Bay


Watched over by a Napoleonic-era loophole tower, this sheltered cove is a favourite with sunbathers, swimmers and kayakers.