Wat Pa Nanachat

Ubon Ratchathani

English is the primary language of Wat Pa Nanachat, a Western-oriented temple opened in 1975 by Ajahn Chah specifically for non-Thais. There's nothing really to see here, but visitors interested in Buddhism, if they dress and act respectfully, are welcome to drop by and chat with a senior monk most days between about 9am and 10.30am.

A sŏrng·tăa·ou from Warin Market or any Si Saket bus can drop you on Rte 226, 400m from the entrance. It's in the forest behind the rice fields.

Those with previous meditation experience (no instruction is provided here) are welcome to apply to stay for a week – application details and temple rules are explained on its website. Guests must follow the strict monastic routine including eating just one meal a day, rising at 3am and doing daily chores.

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