Wat Maha Wanaram

Ubon Ratchathani

Also known as Wat Pa Yai, the 'Large Forest Temple' (from long ago when Ubon was just a small town and this area lay beyond the city limits), this is one of Ubon's busiest temples. The large wí·hăhn here has a giant white tile roof with a tall gold spire (illuminated at night) and the usual naga trim. The exterior walls are covered in carved sandstone.

In front are five scenes from the Buddha's life (birth, enlightenment, first sermon, spontaneous gathering of monks, and death) and the back pediment includes a scene of constructing this building.

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1. Wat Jaeng

0.25 MILES

Founded around the same time as the city, Wat Jaeng has an adorable Lan Xang–style bòht (built in 1887) with large naga eave brackets on the sides,…

2. Wat Thung Si Meuang

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Built during the reign of Rama III (1824–51), Wat Thung Si Meuang has a classic hŏr đrai (Tripitaka hall) in excellent shape. Like many hŏr đrai, it rests…

3. Monument of Merit

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This humble brick obelisk in the northeast corner of Thung Si Meuang park was erected by former WWII allied-forces POWs in gratitude for the secret…

4. Candle Parade Statue

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This 22m-tall statue at the centre of Thung Si Meuang park shows a Candle Parade float come to life with many accompanying deities.

5. Thung Si Meuang

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The centrepiece of this city-centre park is a huge concrete Candle Parade statue. The humble brick obelisk in the northeast corner of Thung Si Meuang park…

6. City Pillar Shrine


Ubon's completely ordinary city pillar shrine is at the south end of Thung Si Meuang park.

7. Wat Tai


The myriad sculptures covering the grounds of Wat Tai comprise a fairly complete 'who's who' of Thai deities and make it a fun place to visit.

8. Ubon Ratchathani National Museum

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Occupying the former city hall (built in 1918), this is a very informative museum with plenty on show, from Dvaravati-era Buddhas and 2000-year-old Dong…