Mae Nam Viewpoint

Ko Samui

It's quite a hike on foot, but a scooter can whisk you up most of the way to this viewpoint among the trees just before the Tan Rua waterfall. The knockout views of the blue gulf reach all the way to Ko Pha-Ngan. Those with scooters can continue on past the switchbacks uphill on the road to Na Thon for even better views, though signs advise to rest brakes on the way down, to avoid overheating.

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Nearby Ko Samui attractions

1. Tan Rua Waterfall

0.04 MILES

A short walk up dilapidated wooden steps and past the Mae Nam Viewpoint is this lovely waterfall, spilling down through tendrils of green foliage…

2. View Top

0.58 MILES

For the best views over the island, take your scooter up to the View Top near the Mae Nam Viewpoint. There are some pretty steep switchbacks, but you'll…

3. Masjid Nurul Salsabeel

1.56 MILES

The lush jungle-covered hills surrounding the bright yellow onion domes of this tiny mosque is an idyllic picture. Built in 2013 by Imam Adam, for the…

4. Wat Phukao Thong

2.01 MILES

A dark Buddha is seated under a golden pavilion up a long flight of steps lined with glittering green dragon banisters at this quiet wát away from the…

5. Nam Tok Hin Lat

2.24 MILES

Near the wát þàh (forest temple) of the same name, this waterfall is reached after a mildly strenuous 30-minute hike over streams and boulders. The reward…

6. Mae Nam Chinese Temple

2.33 MILES

With four dragons coiling up its pillars, two inside and two outside, this very colourful temple in the heart of the village is worth a visit; the Chinese…

7. Wat Hin Lat

2.51 MILES

Near the waterfalls of the same name, this temple houses two beautiful white Buddha statues surrounded by naga (snake god) heads – one overlooking the…

8. Hat Mae Nam

2.55 MILES

This 5km stretch of sand sees relatively low visitor numbers, making it easy to find somewhere to sunbathe or go swimming. It's a standout beach, with…