Ao Tanot

Top choice in Ko Tao

With crystal-clear waters and superb snorkelling, pretty Ao Tanot on the east coast also affords excellent rock-jumping opportunities from the huge boulders in the bay. If diving or snorkelling, look out for angelfish, coral trout and bannerfish. There's a sunken catamaran in the bay and several resort and bungalow rentals popular with families operate here if you do want to stay overnight and catch the splendid sunrise.

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Nearby Ko Tao attractions

1. Hat Laem Thian

0.53 MILES

In the lee of the headland, this secluded and sheltered little white-sand beach in the middle of the east coast, north of Ao Tanot, is a delightful place…

2. West Coast Viewpoint

0.73 MILES

This superb viewpoint in the middle of the island affords gloriously sprawling views of the west and northwest of the island from near two large boulders…

3. Ao Leuk

1.06 MILES

This lovely little sheltered bay with coral reefs on the east coast is a charmer and the snorkelling is excellent for exploring its sandy depths and…

4. Hin Wong

1.25 MILES

This lovely bay on the east of the island across from Sairee Beach is boulder-strewn and the water is beautifully clear with excellent snorkelling. The…

5. Ko Tao Temple

1.42 MILES

Next to Ko Tao school, this is the finest Buddhist temple on the island. It is a haven of peace and solitude and boasts a stunning white central building…

6. King Rama V Boulder & Statue

1.49 MILES

Long before Ko Tao was inhabited by people, in 1899, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) visited the island, and as seems to have been a habit of his, he carved…

7. Gallery

1.52 MILES

The only gallery on Ko Tao displays the photography of long term resident Chris Clarke who specialises in capturing the island's stunning night sky,…

8. Mae Hat Bay

1.77 MILES

Mae Hat Bay does not have a great beach, but it's fun clambering over the rocks and boulders at the southern end looking for crabs in all the rock pools…