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The terrain here is mountainous and temperatures fluctuate from one extreme to the other: it’s hotter than elsewhere in Thailand during the hot season and it’s also one of the few provinces in Thailand where temperatures drop below 0°C.

The majority of the people are Tai Loei, thought to have migrated from Luang Prabang via Chiang Mai. They're proud of their distinct culture and you'll notice unique offerings at many temples and hear the Tai Loei dialect often.

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4 Days 3 Nights The Colours of the Mekong

A rare gem and a largely undiscovered part of Thailand; Loei province has all the essential ingredients for an authentic dish of culture, nature and off-the-beaten track experiences. This remote destination borders Laos and is a gateway to Isarn province. We have devised a unique exploration that caters to all the senses, in which authenticity, sustainability and a touch of local traditions are interwoven into four days of superlative travel. This tour proves that Thailand still ranks high for culturally rich experiences.Day 1, Loei - Chiang KhanAfter arrival at Loei Airport we transfer to Chiang Khan District to visit the Na Pa Nhad-Tai Dam Cultural Village and Museum. This attraction provides a fascinating insight into rich local ethnic minority heritage. We then visit the Kaeng Khut Khu Rapids for a boat ride that takes in the local natural splendour. After checking into your accommodation, guests are free to explore Chiang Khan’s thriving local night market and quaint bars and cafes.Day 2, Chiang Khan – Dan SaiDonating early morning alms to monks has been a tradition for centuries and participating in this spiritual activity is an enriching experience and a wonderful photo opportunity. After breakfast, a guided tour takes in charming Chiang Khan, which is home to traditional wooden buildings similar to Luang Prabang’s rich architectural heritage. There will be ample time to explore glittering temples and interesting shops before we travel on to Dan Sai where guests can try their hand at making Ton Puoeng which is used as sacred offerings in temples.Day 3, Dansai – Muang LoeiAfter breakfast, we take to two-wheels to ride to local attractions such as Pra That Sri Song Rak and Neramitre Vipassana temples and the Phi Ta Khon Museum. This fascinating attraction is themed around the annual Phi Ta Khon festival which involves residents wearing colourful ghost masks created artistically from local materials such as sticky rice steamers and coconut husks. Guests get the opportunity to make their own masks. The afternoon is at leisure but we have an abundance of exciting optional tours on offer.Day 4, Muang LoeiOur last day in Loei is focused on nature and culture with a global theme. We travel to view Phu Pa Po which is often compared with Japan’s Mount Fuji because of its iconic shape. Continuing the international vibe, we experience a slice of China’s Yunnan province with a visit to Bodhisat Cave and the Stone Garden. We end our four-day adventure with a transfer back to Loei Airport.

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Northern Thailand Explorer

Often overlooked for the country's southern islands, northern Thailand offers incredible opportunities to witness local culture and tradition. You'll get time to explore the capital of Bangkok before heading up to scenic cities along the Mekong, wandering through rice fields and discovering temple-rich regions. This engaging itinerary satiates explorers that are eager to go off the beaten path, with time to visit historic sites and local towns at your own pace.

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