Gallery VER


This vast experimental art space has hosted a variety of work by both established and emerging local artists, sometimes with a subversive lean. In 2017, the gallery was raided by the Thai military and five pieces deemed 'threatening to the peace and security of the nation' were removed. An art-themed cafe on the premises often hosts talks and workshops.

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1. MR Kukrit Pramoj House

1.13 MILES

Author and statesman Mom Ratchawong Kukrit Pramoj (1911–95) once resided in this charming complex now open to the public. Surrounded by a manicured garden…

2. Bangkok CityCity Gallery

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3. SkyWalk at King Power Mahanakhon

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5. Chinese Style Clock Tower

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This Chinese-style clock tower located in the southeastern corner of Lumphini doubles as an interesting photographic subject amidst the park's greenery.

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8. Rama VI Statue

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This statue at the southwestern entrance of Lumphini commemorates the founding emperor of the park, Rama VI.