Pom Phet Fort


The 6.5m-high, 14m-thick weathered walls of this 1580 fortress once served as Ayuthaya island's primary line of defence. Besides making a good photo-op, it's a prime boat-watching spot.

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Nearby Ayuthaya attractions

1. Wat Phanan Choeng


This lively temple, believed to date to 1324 (26 years before the founding of Ayuthaya), revolves around the 19m-high Phra Phanan Choeng Buddha, aka …

2. Wat Suwandararam

0.22 MILES

Although there was a temple here in the Ayuthaya era, the present buildings are from the current reign, with the bòht (ordination hall) built by King Rama…

3. Baan Hollanda

0.38 MILES

The little 'Dutch House' features a concise but informative exhibition of Dutch history in Thailand from 1604, when the Dutch East India Company (VOC)…

4. Ayuthaya Historical Study Centre

0.77 MILES

Though it feels staid compared to enchanting local ruins, this museum features model longboats and temples along with exhibitions on the lives of…

5. Thai Boat Museum

0.79 MILES

Think you can tell a spice boat from a sam pan? This interesting little private museum is full of wooden boats, both real and artistic miniatures, many of…

6. Portuguese Village

0.85 MILES

Arriving in the 16th century, the Portuguese were the first European settlers in Ayuthaya. Several of their skeletal remains are on view at this excavated…

7. Japanese Village

0.92 MILES

Set within manicured, frangipani-fringed gardens, this small museum complex details the lives of the estimated 1500 Japanese who came to settle in…

8. Wat Mahathat

0.93 MILES

Ayuthaya's most photographed attraction is in these temple grounds: a sandstone Buddha head tangled within a bodhi tree's entwined roots. Founded in 1374,…