Cihou Fort


A handsome modern fort with Qing dynasty foundations that used to guard the northern entrance to Kaohsiung Harbour. From the top of the barracks and the emplacements, you can see the harbour on one side and the cityscape on the other. It's a hugely photogenic place at sunset. The fort sits atop a small cliff from the lighthouse to which it is connected by a short path.

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Nearby Kaohsiung attractions

1. Cijin Island Lighthouse

0.03 MILES

The lighthouse, built in the 19th century by British engineers and restored in 1918 by the Japanese, offers killer views of the Port of Kaohsiung.

2. Cijin Tianhou Temple

0.26 MILES

One of Kaohsiung's few temples that made the national protected relics list is also its oldest Mazu temple. Cijin Tianhou Temple was constructed in 1673…

3. British Consulate Residence at Takou


Built in 1865, this handsome red-brick consulate residence sits 70m above the mouth of Kaohsiung Harbour, a perfect location for watching giant container…

4. Cijin Island

0.36 MILES

This narrow island that acts as a buffer to the harbour and extends down the city coastline makes for a lovely day trip from the mainland. The main…

5. Daitian Temple

0.66 MILES

A temple with a Taoist hall at the front and a Buddhist hall (青雲寺) at the back, both richly decorated with folk art. In fact Daitian Temple has the…

6. Takao Renaissance Association

0.72 MILES

A nonprofit striving to protect Kaohsiung's history and culture has taken over this century-old Japanese house. You'll see a small display on the historic…

7. Warehouse 2

0.81 MILES

Warehouse 2 is a pleasant glass-walled space with shops and restaurants at Pier-2 Art Center. It was built as an old sugar warehouse during the Japanese…

8. Shihzuwan Beach

0.82 MILES

Shihzuwan Beach is smaller than Cijin Beach, but it's a calmer swimming beach and is an excellent place for hanging out and watching the sunset.