Yehliu Geopark

Northern Taiwan

Stretching far out into the East China Sea, this limestone cape is a geologist's dreamland where aeons of wind and sea erosion can be observed in hundreds of pitted and moulded rocks. The most striking have quaint (but accurate) names such as Fairy's Shoe (仙女鞋; Xiānnǚ Xié) and Queen's Head (女王頭; Nǚwáng Tóu), which truly looks just like a silhouette of the famous Nefertiti bust. Bus 1815 from Taipei City Hall Bus Station stops here (NT$84, 1 hour).

Tourist Shuttle Bus route 862 from Tamsui MRT station stops directly outside the park entrance. Yehliu Geopark gets very crowded on weekends and during holidays, with many tourists swarming around Queen's Head waiting to take pictures. Try to visit early morning on a weekday.

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