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$20 Tours & Sightseeing

Taoyuan Old Town Night Tour

We will take you back to Qing, Japanese colonial period, before and after WWII and present, to spiritual temple of Taoyuan built in Qing Dynasty, the location where prince from Japan royal family stayed in 1895, passing through one of the four remaining legal brothels in Taiwan in red light district, seeing those amazing old houses hidden behind billboards and signs and tasting home-made maltose from the shop run for 5 generations!Take you to all the spots you need to know in old town Taoyuan, to see and discover the hidden beauty with night light healing a city so riddled with sheet metals and buildings.

$33 Theme Parks

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Entrance Ticket including Delivery

Spend a day with your family at one of the most popular theme parks in Taiwan - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Learn the rich culture of Taiwan's aboriginal villages while enjoying traditional cuisine and having fun with a wide variety of entertainments including live shows, roller coaster rides, and Sun Moon Lake Ropeway. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is located in Nantou County (approx. 2.5 hours from central Taipei by car) surrounded by beautiful nature near the famous attraction Sun Moon Lake. It opens 10:30-16:00 (weekdays) and 10:00-16:30 (weekends) featuring Aboriginal Villages Park, Amusement Isle, Sun Moon Lake Ropeway and European Palace Garden. Aboriginal Village Park is one of the largest outdoor museums in Taiwan composed of nine different tribal culture and lifestyle in Taiwan. See the distinctive architecture style of each culture and experience their traditional music and dance shows as well as craft demonstrations.  While learning the history and lifestyle of Taiwan's aboriginal culture, make a stop at the Amusement Isle and explore various rides and attractions including Mayan Adventure roller coaster, UFO Adventure free fall, Gold Mine Exploration, and Caribbean Adventure featuring a water roller coaster.

$10 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

National Museum of Marine Science and Technology Ticket including Delivery

Visit the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology (NMMST) located in in Zhongzheng District, Keelung by the Badouzi Harbor and explore its award-winning complex and comprehensive exhibitions in the fields of marine science, technology, ecology, and local culture. Also as the building used to be the Pei-Pu Steam Power Station, you can also see the original foundation and structure of the power station in the Main Exhibition Building.  The Main Exhibition Building features various galleries including Fishery Science Gallery, People and the Sea Gallery, Marine Science Gallery, Marine Environment Gallery, Deep Sea Theater, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Gallery, and Wonders of the Deep Sea Gallery. If you're going with children, they also offer Kids' Exploration Gallery featuring Overland Expedition, Parent-child reading area, Boat Adventure, and more. Take a trip to the north part of Taiwan and explore the colorful marine lives with your friends and family!

$129 Private & Custom Tours

1-Day Private Tour of Alishan Mountain in Taiwan

Enjoy a full one-day private tour exploring the majestic mountains of Alishan National Forest in Taiwan.Pickup from your hotel in Chiayi or Chiayi railway stations. Includes lunch, mineral water and insurance.Itinerary: • Taiwan’s premier mountain resort is more than 2,000 m above sea level and offers much more than striking views of the Central Mountain Range.  • Approached by a road that passes through prime tea-growing country, Alishan is a place where visitors can truly immerse themselves in nature. • Setting out from the lowlands, you’ll soon see how the foliage and forest changes as we gain elevation. At Shizhuo we’ll make a stop so you can see tea plantations up close before proceeding to the main attraction: Alishan National Forest Recreation Area, a sprawling nature reserve criss-crossed by user-friendly trails.  • Even people who don’t consider themselves hikers will find themselves drifting through sublime alpine woodlands.  • The fresh air and exercise will likely mean you’ll fall asleep in the vehicle long before we get you back to your hotel or transfer you to the transport hub of your choice.

$149 Private & Custom Tours

1-Day Chiayi Private Tour in Taiwan

Enjoy a full one-day private tour exploring the Taiwan's historic Lukang Township in Chiayi.Pickup from your hotel in Chiayi or Chiayi railway stations. Includes lunch, mineral water and insurance.Itinerary: • A medium-size city with a great deal of history and culture, Chiayi is an excellent introduction to Taiwan as it’s lived by the majority of Taiwanese people.  • The tour therefore commences with a look at the city god temple that has been central to local spiritual life since the late 1600s, and the bustling morning market that fills adjacent streets and alleyways.  • Chiayi thrived during the Japanese colonial period due to the logging carried out in the nearby mountains, and it’s no surprise that parts of the Former Chiayi Prison are made of wood from hills. The jail, which functioned until 1994, is now preserved as an intriguing museum of sorts. Mountain timber was also used to build what’s now called Hinoki Village.  • Originally a set of dormitories for forest-management officials and their families, the village is a lovely spot for a coffee or an ice cream.  • Half an hour’s drive from the city stands one of most important museum developments of recent decades. The Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum has superb permanent displays on tea culture, Asian textiles and Buddhist Art, as well as world-class temporary exhibitions.  • The museum is very close to Chiayi High-Speed Railway Station; alternatively we can transfer you back to your hotel or another transport hub.

$149 Private & Custom Tours

1-Day Tainan City Private Tour of Taiwan

Enjoy a  full one-day private tour exploring the ancient capital city of Tainan, Taiwan. Pickup from your hotel in Tainan or Kaohsiung, Tainan railway stations or Tainan airport. Includes lunch, mineral water and insurance. Itinerary: • Tainan is where Han Chinese culture in Taiwan began, and a good part of the day will be spent in Anping, the oldest part of the city.  • The main attraction in this seaside community is Fort Zeelandia, a stronghold built by the Dutch East India Company in the the early 1630s. It’s perhaps the best place to learn about the Netherlands’ brief but historically critical occupation of the Tainan area.  • Nearby stands Anping Tree House, a 19th-century warehouse invaded by huge banyan trees and dubbed ‘Tainan’s Angkor Wat’. • Next up we’ll show you around central Tainan, where the density of historical curiosities is stupendous. Within Taiwan, Tainan is regarded as a foodie’s paradise, and our lunch will include some of the city’s most famous dishes.  • Then we’ll head to the Confucius Temple, an austerely beautiful academy-cum-house of worship. It and several other places of interest are open until late in the evening, and especially atmospheric after dark, so extending the tour until quite late in the evening is possible if arranged in advance.  • A craft beer on atmospheric Shennong Street or a coffee in the garden of Chihkan Tower (the other fort built by the Dutch in the 17th century) are delightful ways to end the excursion before transferring to your hotel or the transport hub of your choice.