Baishawan Beach

Beach in Taiwan's Northeast Coast

One of the better beaches in New Taipei City is found at this little bay sometimes called White Haven Beach. The Chinese name translates as 'white-sand bay' – though it's definitely more of a brownish colour. Swimming is permitted from May to September, as is surfing. Tourist Shuttle Bus route 862 from Danshui MRT station stops on Hwy 2 just before the entrance.

For surfboard rentals and lessons, check out CU Surf Paradise Taiwan on the main road where the bus drops you off.

Baishawan is formed by the stubby finger of rocky Linshanbi Cape (麟山鼻; Línshānbí) extending into the Taiwan Strait. This is a scenic part of the north coast and a several-kilometres-long boardwalk runs along the shoreline as part of a 10km bike path from Sanzhi to Shimen.