18 Lords Temple

Temple in Taiwan's Northeast Coast

A shabby temple with dog icons and white tiles covered with landscape painting. Sometimes called the 'dog temple', it's associated with Taiwan's underworld and it's not uncommon to see tattooed gangsters and prostitutes about at night. According to the legend, 17 fishermen went missing one day and the dog of one of the men missed his master so much that he leaped into the sea and drowned himself. People were so impressed by this act of loyalty that they built a temple in honour of the canine.

When you arrive, women may try to instruct you in how to light incense or use one of the small red packets for worship – wave it over burning incense, then wipe it on the statue's nose and head (and sometimes genitals) before placing it in the mouth. If you let them show you, they may ask for NT$200 for the materials. Decline politely if you don't intend to engage in worship.

The temple is just off Provincial Hwy 2 in front of First Nuclear Power Plant (核一廠).

The temple was closed for renovation at the time of research in 2016.