This spot really fits the picture-postcard ideal. Atop the hill north of the Sofitel la Ora Moorea Beach Resort, this lookout affords dazzling views of the hotel, the lagoon mottled with coral formations, the barrier reef and Tahiti in the background.

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1. Temae Beach

0.45 MILES

The best beach on the east coast, and the widest perhaps in all of French Polynesia, stretches from Teavaro round to the airport. The Sofitel Ia Ora…

2. Maison Blanche

2.49 MILES

In Maharepa, you can't miss this early-20th-century building on the mountain side of the road. It's a fine example of a fare vanira, a plantation house…

6. Marae Titiroa & Marae Ahu-o-Mahine

5.18 MILES

Past the agricultural college, the valley road comes to a parking area beside this vast complex, on the edge of a dense forest of magnificent chestnut…

7. Marae Fare Aito

5.19 MILES

This large marae has a small, raised-terrace ahu (altar), and back rests that were used by the priests. It is flanked by two crescent-shaped archery…

8. Belvédère

5.26 MILES

Up the Opunohu valley road, this lookout is the island's highest point accessible by car. It offers superb views of Opunohu and Cook's bays, Mt Rotui …