Take the Sunnegga Express 'tunnel funicular' up to Sunnegga (2288m) for amazing views of the Matterhorn. This is a top spot for families – take the Leisee Shuttle (free) down to the lake for beginner ski slopes at Wolli's Park in winter, and for a children's playground and splashing around in the lake during summer. A marmot-watching station is a few minutes' walk from Sunnegga. It's a relatively easy downhill walk back to Zermatt (via Findeln) in about 1½ hours.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Zermatt attractions

1. Matterhorn Museum

0.31 MILES

This crystalline, state-of-the-art museum provides fascinating insight into Valaisian village life, mountaineering, the dawn of tourism in Zermatt and the…

2. Mountaineers' Cemetery

0.32 MILES

A walk in Zermatt’s pair of cemeteries – the Mountaineers' Cemetery in the garden of Zermatt's St Mauritius Church and the main cemetery across the road –…

3. St Mauritius Church

0.32 MILES

Zermatt's main church, at the end of the main street, was built in 1913 and has a beautiful 18th-century altar. Feel free to enter.

4. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise


Views from Zermatt’s cable cars are all remarkable, but the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the icing on the cake. Ride the world's highest-altitude 3S…

5. Gornerschlucht

1.12 MILES

It is a 1.5km walk from Zermatt along the river to this dramatic gorge, carved out of green serpentinite rock and accessed by a series of wooden…

6. Ricola Herb Garden


Best known for its herby hard-boiled sweets, Ricola has a short herb-garden hike at Blatten where you can learn about the 13 herbs that go into every drop…

7. Allalin

8.48 MILES

Year-round, the underground Mittelallin funicular climbs to an icy 3500m where the world’s highest revolving restaurant on the Allalin glacier basks in…

8. Zinal

10.07 MILES

At 1670m, Zinal is 12km south of Vissoie, at the end of the Val d’Anniviers. While Matterhorn climbers start from Zermatt, a valley to the east, climbers…