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The historical and spiritual heart of the country, Uppsala is one of Sweden’s oldest cities, dating back to the 3rd century. It's also one of the country's most dynamic centres, thanks in part to a student population nudging 40,000.

Peaceful by day and lively by night, its youthful buzz manifests most strikingly in the sheer number of laid-back boho-spirited cafes and bars. The city’s charm also lies in its sheer picturesque value, with the meandering river Fyris flowing through the centre, flanked by pathways and still more cafes. History buffs have plenty to absorb, with Gamla (Old) Uppsala just up the road. This fascinating archaeological site was once a flourishing 6th-century religious centre where human sacrifices were made, as well as an ancient burial ground.

Uppsala makes an easy day trip from Stockholm, though it's worth lingering overnight to wander the deserted streets and soak up the atmosphere.

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