Mårten Trotzigs Gränd

Gamla Stan

This tiny alley in Gamla Stan is Stockholm's narrowest street and a popular spot for a photo op.

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Nearby Gamla Stan attractions

1. Tyska Kyrkan

0.09 MILES

Founded by a guild of German merchants in the 15th century, Tyska Kyrkan (The German Church) hints at Stockholm's multicultural past and present. The…

2. Nobelmuseet

0.17 MILES

Nobelmuseet presents the history of the Nobel Prizes and their recipients, with a focus on the intellectual and cultural aspects of invention. It's a…

3. Postmuseum

0.18 MILES

Examining almost four centuries of Swedish postal history, the Postmuseum is not as mind-numbing as it might sound. It’s actually rather evocative,…

4. Storkyrkan

0.22 MILES

The one-time venue for royal weddings and coronations, Storkyrkan is both Stockholm’s oldest building (consecrated in 1306) and its cathedral. Behind a…

5. Kungliga Myntkabinettet

0.22 MILES

Across the plaza from the Royal Palace, Kungliga Myntkabinettet – the National Museum of Economy – gleams with a priceless collection of currency spanning…

6. Stockholms Stadsmuseum

0.23 MILES

The evocative exhibits here cover Stockholm’s development from fortified port to modern metropolis via plague, fire and good old-fashioned scandal. The…

7. Royal Armoury

0.26 MILES

The Royal Armoury is housed in the cellar vaults of the palace but has separate hours. It’s a family attic of sorts, crammed with engrossing memorabilia…

8. Kungliga Slottet

0.27 MILES

A massive structure with more than 600 rooms on 11 levels, Kungliga Slottet (the Royal Palace) dominates the north end of Gamla Stan. The official…